Cut vinyl flooring with ease and precision using the Vinyl Edger!

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Precision Cutting with Vinyl Edger

How the Vinyl Edger Works:

In most applications the vinyl flooring material will be glued in place with the excess rolling partially up the wall.

Start by making a small cut approximately 6 inches from the corner with a utility knife or similar tool.

Insert the Vinyl Edger cutting blade in the cut previously made and gently pull the cutter along the guiding surface (wall, baseboard) keeping pressure against the wall.  The hook blade will catch the area where the vinyl rolls up the wall.  Do not crease or attempt to push the material tight against the wall into the corner.  The small radius is necessary for the blade to hook into.

The Vinyl Edger is equipped with a retractable blade for easy and safe storage.  Simply depress the lock button and slide the blade in the track until it is retracted and locks into position.  To change out a dull blade, depress the lock button and slide the blade out of the track and replace it with a new blade.

The dual blade feature of the Vinyl Edger allows for the user to cut both right or left handed, and also to cut flooring in either direction.

Vinyl Edger: Vinyl Cutting Tool
Replacement Vinyl Edger Blades-6 pack
Replacement Vinyl Edger Blades-12 pack

About Us

After many years of hiring installers to put vinyl in my projects and finding that after they have” left” the job that the baseboard didn’t cover the cut , I decided that it was time to make a tool that even the 1st time home owner could use and the results are the same as a professional. It took only a few months to develop and along came the vinyl edger. Even with your eyes closed with a little practice one can make a cut in vinyl flooring that is better than most professionals after years of practice. Give it a try , you can’t go wrong for $19.99.


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